We offer our customers the possibility to order their shoes from the comfort of their own home and get it delivered worldwide. Your order will be handled with care and we try to ship it with the best logistic company available in the region. Thus allowing your shoes to arrive at your door intact.

The shipping costs depend on the region you wish to receive your order as it depends on the forwarding companies, which base their prices on the distance or difficulty to arrive at the required destination.

Please feel free to contact us for any specific shipping request or any doubt regarding your order.


Our customers have the right to return or exchange their products if the product seems to have any production error or flaw, but it is our responsibility to inspect the product before shipping. Should you experience any production error on the shoe then please notify us immediately and we will try to compensate the incident.

Please keep in mind that most companies accept a 90-days policy to return their products, after that period of time the shoe will be considered used and not eligible for return or exchange. 

Any return or exchange request will be evaluated at our discretion as it depends on various factors such as date of purchase, reported damage and return policy of our suppliers. In most cases we will accept our customers request if the report is justified or clearly a production error.

Should you have further questions regarding our return or exchange policy, please feel free to contact us.